Radio Station Developments

Ok guys interesting and exciting developments as the station has been officially accepted on the Tunein Network and i have re-opened SoundCloud to specifically post the Live Radio Broadcasts....i have also sent an RSS feed to ITunes to see if they'll regularly post my SoundCloud posts as a Podcast...i'll keep you posted.Also the Radionomy Stats are looking good and more and more people are making the transiton...i know it's early days but for listeners and broadcasters alike the Radionomy Platform is a great one.

Fortnightly Live Radio Broadcasts

Continuing the fortnightly live radio show theme...last week the radio show aired a pilot show which was very successful.The reason for the pilot show was because of the recent move from to pilot show appeared to be very successful,this was in part due to the fact that i already own the Pro version of the Sam Broadcaster broadcasting interface which i bought last year.This interface is optimised to work with the Radionomy Server and when trialed last week it worked very well...and by accident i realised that every show with the software set up appropriately could record it as i am broadcasting real time...i am currently in the process of figuring out a way to

Trance Euphoria Int. Official Website Live!

So it took well over a week mainly because i'm a techy phobe and find anything to do with arranging anything on the computer very hard...although most would probably find it easy.But it's here...finally.In a way i'm glad that i left it so long to get one fully up to speed myself...i've got alot of material to put on the site.My first thanks must go to Mr Todd Texter though who provided me with a very professional site for a number of years.I've been priviliged to have great support from people across the world who have gone out their way to support the station.They have felt the passion that i've always attempted to convey and in future 'Blog' entries this year you'll hear about them.Today i

Trance Euphoria World

My name is Leigh Apted aka DJ Discovery and ever since the Summer of 2005 the world has been enjoying my radio station Trance Euphoria International Radio.Young and Old the euphoric uplifting trance has engaged listeners across planet earth.Within this blog i will be sharing some personal stories and some personal personal favourite trance anthems that have caught my imagination over the years.

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