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The 9/11 Blacklist

Tuesday, September 11th 2001 is a day in history that has been etched on the world at large. The controversy that ensued one of the most emotional and shocking days in history is still palpable today. But what really did happen that day which has commonly been known now as 9/11? What divides people in such a way that it stirs the calmest person into a state of anger? What is it about this day that social media hates? Why is YouTube deliberately targeting channels like this doing independent research? The questions go on and on and maybe it's because we haven't had any definitive answers is the reason why many feel that we are still not being told the plain and simple truth about the entire day's events. The Truth Will Find A Way and right here on my website for the very first time ever you will be able to see all the content I have ever produced on 9/11 and a whole lot more. I will continue to probe and ask the pertinent questions that make people sit up and take notice. What happened on that day has had major ramifications to the world which is evident today.When there is an abundance of proof that prove the lies are we not getting closer to the REAL TRUTH of 9/11?

Official The 9/11 Blacklist Merchandise:

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The 9/11 Blacklist Exclusive Pay Per View Content

The 9/11 Blacklist Exclusive Pay Per View Content

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