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Crikey where to start....The official birthday of Trance Euphoria International Radio just 2 days i'm officially 10 years old!That's great news,the station is now available on more platforms that i think i can remember...and to add to all of that my sister radio station which,when it was on it was known as ISS Atlantis and then when it moved to Sam Vibe on Network it was known as ISS Atlantis At The Movies and now broadcasting just one week old via Radionomy i've dropped the ISS and it is now known as Atlantis At The Movies and i've worked as hard to ensure all tracks have accurate album artwork and is available on every single platform that Trance Euphoria

2005-2015 Ten Years Broadcasting Blissful Euphoric Trance

26th July 2005 was when my radio station went live for the very first time...but how did it all begin....i've always been fascinated with radio and music.I listened to BBC Radio One here in the UK almost religously and because my parents had a cassette player as well i was always keenly listening for when my favourite tracks came on so i could record them....and yes it was completely illegal but i was a kid and didn't even know what the copyright mean't. My fascination with music and radio was always there even when i grew up but as i did grow up i begin to realise that a job as a DJ may not be as fanciable as i previously though when i was little.The restrictions DJ's were under,rules and r

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