Trance Euphoria 10 Years Of Killer Euphoria!

The actual date to be precise is July 26th 2015 and as much as he hates me reminding him its all my dads fault that i initally setup my station via,and i think i was amazed athow the whole process worked and wasn't bothered about paying for it....unfortunately that has deeply scarred my pocket over the years...but i'll get into that when the official anniversary arrives.Now as many of you are aware now the station has moved home to Radionomy however this home could be temporary if it doesn't reach the required Total Listening Hours.Believe it or not i've already broken that measure but as my daily graph dictates the listeners worldwide are not constant in that bracket...there are

Hotter the Music!...Hotter The Station!!!

You really have to work hard for your radio station onthe Radionomy Server.Puts into perespective how straight forward Live365 was in comparison...but hard work is paying off...Radionomy still are backward in coming forward with AIR API info for Tunein which i'm a bit annoyed about but i'm working on that.For those who are interested AIR API basically means me being able to produce accurate album or track artwork when the track is playing.Thus far i haven't been able to get the approriate info from Radionomy so apologises to Tunein listeners.As i have been working very hard to upload accurate album artwork you can see this via their very own flash player...which actually is kinda cool.Ok...n

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