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L.C.T  Series Trance Mixes Digitally Remastered Collection

Between 2005 and 2015 I created over 60 uplifting trance mixes. Listeners voted from over 1000 tracks and every month I compiled a mix of their favourite Top 10. Exclusive to my website & Digitally Remastered, for the very first time i am making them available for fans to own.

The 9/11 Blacklist Logo

The 9/11 Blacklist began as an idea 9 years ago. The controversy surrounding this date in history is still palpable in 2021. My channels on BitChute & Vimeo  continue to explore why the truth is still out there. 

ISS Discovery International Radio Logo

My internet radio life began 16 years ago with Trance Euphoria, In2010 I introduced ISS Atlantis & a year later Atlantis At Th Movies. Then, on 17th February 2019, ISS Discovery International Radio was born with the amalgamation of all 3 radio stations.This is the 'future sound of radio!'

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