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Hi everyone I hope everyone is well across the world in these crazy uncertain times we live in. If anything I do here on Discovery Studios gives you a break from thinking about the mad world in which we live I'm really glad. Much Love to everyone who visits my official website...this my 'world' and it inhabits all my ventures.

Click and listen 'live' anytime 24 hours 7 days a week to my international radio station. The current schedule is on the next page. I've added some personal jingles and promos and revamped the entire schedule-live broadcasts are returning... I'll let you know soon. It's my 16th Anniversary in 2021 and I'm proud to have amalgamated my 3 separate radio stations into one mega is The Future Sound Of Radio.

Fun2Read4Kids hasn't gone anywhere...Ellie and I have already been making plans for 2021.

The 9/11 Blacklist via YouTube will remain for the time being although the future it on YouTube is uncertain. The censorship police are forever present but the 11,000 plus subscribers remain strong and for them, i will not delete the channel just yet.


The ISS Discovery Schedule has been updated with Brand New Additions to the ISS Atlantis & Atlantis At The Movies Playlist.

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