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Discovery Studio World Has Arrived!

Hi guys it's been a while since my last blog but if you've checked out the site recently you'll know I've been going through some changes the major one being that I've re-imagined and re-invented my radio station on The Internet Radio Network where it all began for me way back in 2005.

I'm really pleased to have the station back where it all began playing you a radio station jammed with worlds best music from the genres that I've bought you through the years from Uplifting Trance,to Movie Soundtracks and the most popular Rock & Pop from the last 60 years.It's right here every day 7 days a week 24 hours a day.

On the site a have a full weekly schedule for you to take a look at....look out for exclusives in the special shows and extra special LIVE broadcasts will be coming!

As you can see the website also plays host to my other major project at the moment that being The 9/11 Blacklist:The controversy surrounding this day is palpable to this day and YouTube are just about playing host to the series...for how much longer though?Show your support by subscribing to the videos on my website...and right now you get to see videos that YouTube Banned!

As well as that i have generally cleaning the website making it easier to navigate.However,there is still work to do.

Just recently i worked to get the website better recognized via Google's SEO(Search Engine Optimization) Tool....again there are refinements that i will be making there as well.

Don't hesitate to get in touch whatever it's regarding.

You can chat when i'm live on the website or email via

Loads more coming in 2019

Much Love Everyone


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