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The L.C.T Series Digitally Remastered Now Available!

I commenced the L.C.T or the Listener Choice Trance Series when my radio station Trance Euphoria back in 2005. From 2005-2015 I compiled and mixed over 60 mixes. This was based on the listener votes of their favorite tracks and every month it was my task to take the listeners' votes and compile an awesome trance mix.

Over the years I have archived most of these mixes and most of them have never seen the light of ever since they aired on the radio station and podcasts.

The listeners over the years have made the mixes very popular and I have been asked about them frequently by long-time listeners through social media.

Now...for the very first time, I am taking as many mixes that I can find in my archive and I have digitally restored the mixes with industry-standard software Platinum Notes.

Check out the mixes released so far!


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