Windows Media Guide Station,New Mix & More

Very busy couple of weeks for the radio station which has been added to a variety of directories and playlists...however after a laborious process to say the least Windows has accepted the radio station into their Official directory...i've been reliably informed that the station will appear this coming week. More and more listeners from over 30 countries are beginning to tune in to the radio station and i hope alot more will still do so. Remember everyone keep listening and tell your friends about the station too...although the station is FREE to broadcast and listen,due to Radionomy and their strict rules and regulations the station could just as quickly go off the air...even if trance lege

New Mix Release To Beatport & Much More

A very busy week for the well as the station being on the Tunein Network further improvements are being made so you can maximize the enjoyment of listening to the station there...i have expanded the listening experience but it is worth remembering as well as the Radionomy Flash Player the station is available via iTunes,Winamp and Windows Media Player and i am currently in the process of getting the radio station added to the official Windows Media Guide....the station has been added to the Reciva Network and has already been added to Radio?Sure! Directory...The station is also available on Sonos & Roku and a multitude of Mobile and tablet devices...iPad,iPhone & all Android dev

iTunes Ready Radio Show

Ok guys the second episode is already there but to put everyone in the picture...the fortnightly Live Radio Broadcast is officially available via the iTunes Podcast access this if you have iTunes already just put 'Trance Euphoria International Radio' into their search engine,but to make life even simpler check out the logo on the home page of this website click on it and it'll take you straight there...

Tunein Confirmation

Hey everyone with a litle help from my friends at you can now find Trance Euphoria International Radio on the world renowned Network...i am working very hard in getting the playlist as jammed as possible...with the accurate artwork of each individual track....Remember you can listen to the radio station on multiple media platforms...right now!....Keep listening and enjoying the blissful Trance Euphoria!

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