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Radio Station Schedule
Sunday 9th January

Saturday 15th January
***Entire Schedule completely revamped***

Hot News!
My jingle promoter has produced a massive package for 2022 so we hit the ground running,

***THE YEARLY STATS For 2020 through 2021 Are Now In!***

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Welcome to the future sound of radio. After years of broadcasting I now bring you the latest evolution in what a radio station produces.'ISS Discovery International Radio' is the amalgamation of 3 radio stations Trance Euphoria International Rado, ISS Atlantis Radio & Atlantis At The Movies. The schedule is the most dynamic 24 hour radio station. Broadcast from the network where it all began in 2005 on Live365.ISS Discovery International Radio is the future of radio.

Listen to ISS Discovery International Radio via Alexa! That's right Just tell Alexa you want to listen to Live365...say it 3 and 65...Alexa will then ask for a radio station or genre...just say  'Alexa play'...and the full name of my station and join hundreds of listeners already listening via Alexa!

I will be trialing Live Shows very soon!

***March 2020 marked the 1st Anniversary of ISS Discovery International Radio, the idea of amalgamating my 3 radio stations which I have been broadcasting since 2005 was a bold one and one I'm really glad I have done. The future of radio is right here and has never sounded so good. I will put up the station's yearly statistics very soon.


TLH(Total Listening Hours):696

Worldwide Listeners Checking out The Station:34,961

Since Newly Reformatted Station Inception:17th February 2019

TLH(Total Listening Hours):913

Worldwide Listeners Since Inception:


***Yearly Statistics October 28th 2020 To October 27th 2021

TLH(Total Listening Hours): 1,141

Worldwide Listeners Checking Out The Station: 47,802

Total Listeners Since Newly Reformatted Inception 17th February 2019

Total Listening Hours: 2,042

Worldwide Listeners Since Inception: 84,662

Thanks for supporting the station and keep listening!***

Ok, guys get ready for ISS Discovery International Radio to smash into 2021!

The schedule has been updated and now has an incredible 42 separate playlists!

I have added an incredible 100 tracks which have been added to Sunrise Atlantis,ISS Atlantis,Rush Hour & Atlantis Love!

With the promise of many more additions plus jingles and promos and live shows all coming soon,there's loads to look foward to....ISS Discovery International Radio is the 'Future Sound Of Radio!'

ISS Discovery International Radio  2022 Weekly Schedule


Sunrise Atlantis

Start the day with the very best anthems past and present including top chart tracks. Whether your chilling out in bed or just waking and getting ready for work Sunrise Atlantis is the perfect soundtrack to start your day.***NOW INCLUDES***Fantastic 80's & Eighties Extended Mixes!


Atlantis At The Movies

The world of the movies including classical movie compositions and popular songs which bring back memories you will want to repeat over and over again.***NOW INCLUDES***The entire Bond Collection!


ISS Atlantis/Rush Hour

The worlds best from the past 60 years.Decades of the best artists and groups including album tracks that never get airplay on any radio station that will excite the ears with the best mainstream music from over 6 decades of Pop, Rock, Motown and Soul.***NOW INCLUDES***An additional hour to maximize the best of Rock,Pop and Album tracks you rarely hear on the radio!


Atlantis At The Movies

A second chance to indulge in the movie soundtracks and the very best movie songs you karaoke to day in day out.


Atlantis Love

ISS Atlantis slows down the general mood to take you into the late night hours with the one you love. For 3 hours a night every night of the week.


Trance Euphoria International

Every day this week from midnight to 6am ISS Discovery International Radio plays continuous uplifting trance that will take you to a new dimension of Electronica that you've never heard before. With exclusive mixes under my own guise DJ Discovery. The worlds best DJ/Producers and DJ's you may never have heard of, providing exciting electronica. From the clubs to mega venues worldwide. From Anjunabeats to A State Of Trance, Adjusted, Enhanced Recordings, Infrasonic Pure, Future Sound Of Egypt & Fables and More....the best labels from across the world.....this is the future of radio.