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It's been 3 years since I completed a blog for my website.So, what's been going on....

March 2017 I began my own series on my YouTube channel Discovery Studios called The 9/11 Blacklist.This looks closely at the events surrounding that fateful day on Tuesday September 2001.I have posted over 180 videos to date and after 18 months have amassed over 8000 Subscribers.

My radio stations over the years have been broadcasting on and off primarily because Radionomy did not used to be a robust network for broadcasting. However, i am pleased to say after trying for three years my primary radio station Trance Euphoria International Radio has become one of the most popular Top 10 stations in the genre of 'Trance' on the Radionomy network. I have listeners from over 65 countries with distinct IPS 3463 worldwide listeners currently. The station broadcasts 24 hours a day 7 days week.

Watch this website for my latest trance mixes!

ISS Atlantis Radio is also broadcasting on the very same network playing the worlds best from the genres of Rock & Pop from the past 60 years. This station hasn't been as successful as the primary station but I am working hard to see if I can improve the listening figures.

Coming in 2019...I am rebooting Atlantis At The Movies.This radio station broadcasts the worlds best movie compositions and songs from the world of cinema.

The website I have begun to give an overhaul..there are a number of pages still to be this space!

Finally...I am going to be arranging live broadcasts on my primary radio station Trance Euphoria International Radio very soon.

I am going to begin a specifc page dedicated to everything I am doing related to The 9/11 you can imagine this is going to be quite an undertaking with over 180 videos to this space.

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