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Atlantis At The Movies


Welcome everyone to my sister radio station Atlantis At The Movies.This station had it's beginnings on the Network as ISS Atlantis.On that station i bought together the worlds best film composers and songs from movies and the worlds best rock and pop over the past 60 years.Now,i am concentrating on movie soundtracks and all that is the movies.

The radio station began in 2006 but has kept a back seat and let the older brother....that being the Trance Euphoria International Radio station grab all the attention.

I find it interesting that in many ways Trance and Movie Compositions are linked.My ethos for both radio stations are 'It's NOT Music You Listen Too....It's Music YOU FEEL!'....and Atlantis AT The Movies is no exception.The power and emotion that you feel through compositions or songs that are linked directly to the movies themselves is something that only the individual can tell you how amazing it is.

On this dedicated area of my website you will find everything from direct links to the station itself.Biographies of the incredible composers and samples of the songs featured 24/7 on the radio station.


27th March 2019-***Exclusive News***

I have cancelled Atlantis At The Movies on the Radionomy Network and I am now solely concentrating my efforts on my latest station 'ISS Discovery International Radio'...this epic radio station is the amalgamation of all 3 of my radio stations i have produced since 2005.Listen now at the link at the top of the page.


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