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Atlantis At The Movies 2


The Worlds's best composers from the most popular films ever made.Including film soundtracks that are very rare and very hard to come by.I guarantee the mix is truly breathtaking and the sound from the station is atmospheric.Here is a first extended look at what is airing 24/7 on the movie soundtrack station you'll just want to keep on listening too....

Tom Hanks
Starring Tom Hanks  
Music;Howard Shore
Dir;Penny Marshall

In 1988 Tom Hanks was a fledgling actor and not quite as huge as he is today.Many say this is the film that catapaulted him to Stardom.The composer Howard Shore is well known for The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy & The Hobbit Trilogy.The Soundtrack i own is The Collector's Edition only 3,000 Copies were ever made.

Signs Movie Logo

M Night Shyamalan's Signs was in part filmed during September 11th 2001 and certain scenes which required alot of emotion certainly wasn't hard under the circumstances.James Newton Howard works on almost all of of 'Night's' movies and the feeling on selected highlights send shivers down your spine.

The Matrix Reloaded Soundtrack Cover

The 2 disc Soundtrack features the incredible soundtrack anthem from Don Davis with great additions of which you can hear on Atlantis At The Movies...Rob Dougan,Team Sleep & The Dave Mathews Band to name a few...Not forgetting the Neo fight sequences !

The Twilight Saga Bella's Lullaby Cover

Ok confession time i have never watched Twilight  or movies and have never even wanted to.However,when i heard this piece of Piano music a few years ago i had to get it.The emotion, & feeling within it is beautiful.Again this piece is something you'll rarely find on a Soundtrack radio station.

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