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leigh james apted is DJ Discovery here is my profile

Leigh Apted Mixing a trance mix live
Leigh Apted mixing live with green lasers

In 2005 Leigh began Trance Euphoria Radio and introduced the world to a radio station which energized the airwaves with the worlds best euphoric,uplifting trance music.Broadcasting via

Over the years the popularity has run into the thousands of monthly listeners.

Last year DJ Discovery experimented by taking the radio station to another server however after 6 months felt that the station wasn't reaching the maximum potential and just before Christmas 2014 returned to The Worlds Largest Internet Radio Network and as 2015 is kicking into high gear....DJ Discovery returned just as the station  began to celebrate 10 years of 24/7 euphoric broadcasting....and then in March 2015 DJ Discovery looked closer at a new Network to host the radio station...enter Belgium based Network Radionomy.After alot of work behind the scenes and long deliberations DJ Discovery left and moved home for a fresh new start for the 10th year of broadcasting.

All the trance mixes heard are on the radio station can be officially bought from the 'My Mixes' on and as the 10th anniversary continues through the year expect to see Brand New and Archive Mixes which were only available via the ONLY available right here for you to own. 

Lets make the 10th Anniversary of Trance Euphoria last all year long!!!

***2019 UPDATE***Over the past few years i've given Radionomy my best and produced 3 radio stations which still are gracing their network....i felt that to produce and manage all 3 was taking a lot of effort and time.When i left Live365 it was a case of...i had to because after the company initally shut its doors and was then taken broadcast you had to be a US citizen....incredibly i had just taken it as red that icould never broadcast through Live365 again....HOWEVER....just by luck i was checking out Live365 and by accident found out that in 2019 you can now broadcast from USA,Canada and now the UK!...i was shocked to say the least and a series of emails went back and forth between myself and the Live365 team.

...and now re-emerging as ISS Discovery International Radio and amalgamating all my 3 stations....i am back 24 hours a day 7 days a week on Live365.






I am a 47-year-old staff nurse who has had a notable passion for music since I was 3 yrs old.i live in wales, UK.i've worked as a hospital radio DJ between two hospitals since 1990. Bryan Adams has always been my favourite artist, hence the love of soft rock. A real softly at heart I love the love ballads. My brother Neil(aka Dj Shiny) I have to thank for introducing me to trance and the primary DJ's on the trance circuit who are huge. My ultimate fav being the cult classic flaming June by bt/paul van dyke. My parents have been huge in musical influences, from my dad status quo, the rolling stones, Roxy music etc. From my mum cliff Richard, John Denver, the carpenters. My love of the movies purely me. Soundtrack composers are instrumental to any film score. I embrace their work, john Williams, john barry, alan Silvestri, James Horner, James Newton Howard etc. As well as popular songs from movies that are embedded into our brains, Berlin - take my breath away - top gun as an example. As a nurse, I occasionally have the opportunity to sit with the patients and ask them their fav tunes. Then I'd do a special show dedicated to them with all their songs. I do this because if the show can take their minds off why they are there, even if it's for a while, I've been successful.

Pioneer CDJ Mixer
Pioneer CDJ Mixer
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