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Trance Euphoria International Live!

Red and Green Lasers
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Leigh j Apted
DJ Discovery

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It's been an amazing journey into a genre which still to this day stereotyped.A genre often dismissed because the music is notmainstream and widely known.It is pigeon holed by many as not 'proper' music because a 'band' playing real instruments are not involved...but look closer at the genre of 'Trance' and you'll find sheer beauty,blissful sounds and music that has been created and that can easily stand the test of time.Look the DJ/Producers and vocal artists in the trance genre and find Classically trained musicians,professional Singer/Songwriters and collaborations of both that send shivers to places other beers fear to tread!

EDM or Electronic Dance Music has a beauty in his genre of 'Trance' that is rarely mirrored elsewhere.To let the music in,is to let it fill your heart and soul with pure joy and contentment.Embark on a journey that you'll never want to end...because Trance is NOT music you listen too...It's music you FEEL!


My name is Leigh j Apted and Brand New for 2016 the radio station will be broadcasting Live to the world 'Every Week' on Thursday.Before the live show begins i always have a half hour live slot where i make sure everything is working correctly,this has become invaluable over the years to ensure if i do encounter any problems they are dealt with.

When broadcasting live i use Sam Broadcaster Pro Software & a studio professional Microphone from Editors Keys.For the show i use my Packard Bell Intel Pentium Pc & for Social Media i have my Hewlett Packard Laptop which i correspond real time during the show as often as i can.

To maintain a certain sense of continuity i structure the whole production in a very similar way every week.I vary the package on each episode,so listeners are never bored.Regarding the listeners i feel they are my priority and although i could never mention them all by name i mention all the countries that support the station at the end of every show.

Some may also wonder about my chat re. life being stressful....the reason for this i guess is a reality is hard and nothing ever really is easy...sometimes you need to mentally get away from what's going on..and Trance can certainly take you away to a different place.

The other important thing i must mention is i suppose how i produce the live show...i learn't very quickly that if i attempted to reduce the general noise of my home to Zero it wouldn't work and my show wouldn't be a pleasure for me....therefore i embrace it,i welcome it and use it as part of the live show...and i'm glad i have gone this way because listening to the shows back it feels more homely and sounds less like a clinical atmosphere.

I feel that alot of DJ/Producers who have their own radio shows concentrate soo much on the 'now' that many excellent tracks are relegated to the dustbin very quickly.On my live show and my station as a whole i attempt to provide the perfect blend of the Past,Present & Future of this incredible genre.

Every week the show is recorded live through the Sam Broadcaster Pro software...when the show finishes i immediately get it processed on Souncloud and the episode is available for Free Download via my iTunes Podcast~Search Trance Euphoria International Radio.Subscribe for free and never miss an episode!

The radio station is being hosted by Radionomy and has been since April/May 2015.Prior to that Live365 was it's home.I had no idea and was shocked when i found out about Live365's fate in October 2015 and eventual total closure January 2016.

Trance Euphoria International Live will live on....because the genre is Timeless.


2018 Addition


When i read what i originally wrote back i still feel it is all extremely relevant....the power,the emotion and the feeling felt through uplifting trance has never diminished over the years.....the newly refreshed and rebooted Trance euphoria International Radio has jingles that were produced by John Wilson and co-wrote by me...the archive jingles I've threaded into the new schedule as it shows how long I've been around....I've specifically chose to produce the newly refreshed station with the best from the past 25 years of trance including the very best from the current trance DJ/producers and with listeners from over 65 countries in 6 weeks Trance Euphoria International Radio is exploding back onto the internet radio scene.There are no Live shows yet scheduled and no mixes on general rotation...but watch this space.I have exclusive content on Apple Music under my own name Leigh Apted with Dubset Media and i plan to have new mixes in the Radionomy schedule soon.The podcast on Soundcloud and iTunes still contains my latest mixes which can be downloaded for free.


March 27th 2019 and i have cancelled all 3 of my radio stations via the Radionomy Network and have amalgamated all 3 of my stations into one dynamic radio station on the Live365 Network where it all began for me back in 2005.Internet radio has come a long way but this station will prove to be one of the best radio stations....ever.

This is

ISS Discovery International Radio

The Future Sound Of Radio





Leigh Apted


DJ Discovery

In The Mix

Release Date:

26th April 2019

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