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So it took well over a week mainly because i'm a techy phobe and find anything to do with arranging anything on the computer very hard...although most would probably find it easy.But it's here...finally.In a way i'm glad that i left it so long to get one fully up to speed myself...i've got alot of material to put on the site.My first thanks must go to Mr Todd Texter though who provided me with a very professional site for a number of years.I've been priviliged to have great support from people across the world who have gone out their way to support the station.They have felt the passion that i've always attempted to convey and in future 'Blog' entries this year you'll hear about them.Today i have posted my latest release mix which is available to buy from My Beatport Mixes for £5.99 and i am looking forward to the very first live show through Radionomy.I'll be honest i'm expecting things to go wrong but i think i'll have a laugh in the process.

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