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Fortnightly Live Radio Broadcasts

Continuing the fortnightly live radio show theme...last week the radio show aired a pilot show which was very successful.The reason for the pilot show was because of the recent move from to pilot show appeared to be very successful,this was in part due to the fact that i already own the Pro version of the Sam Broadcaster broadcasting interface which i bought last year.This interface is optimised to work with the Radionomy Server and when trialed last week it worked very well...and by accident i realised that every show with the software set up appropriately could record it as i am broadcasting real time...i am currently in the process of figuring out a way to get these broadcasts archived and available for listeners any time.All live show dates will be posted on the site...however if you want to know whats happening through the provisionally are all the dates up to the end of this yr...please bear in mind this is provisional and could change due to my circumstances.

All shows are on a Thursday and begin at 16:30 GMT with a Live Stream Test.

17:00-19:00 GMT

7th May,21st May,4th June,18th June,2nd July,16th July,30th July,13th August,27th August,10th September,24th September,8th October,22nd October,5th November,19th November.

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