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2005-2015 Ten Years Broadcasting Blissful Euphoric Trance

26th July 2005 was when my radio station went live for the very first time...but how did it all begin....i've always been fascinated with radio and music.I listened to BBC Radio One here in the UK almost religously and because my parents had a cassette player as well i was always keenly listening for when my favourite tracks came on so i could record them....and yes it was completely illegal but i was a kid and didn't even know what the copyright mean't.

My fascination with music and radio was always there even when i grew up but as i did grow up i begin to realise that a job as a DJ may not be as fanciable as i previously though when i was little.The restrictions DJ's were under,rules and regulations they had to follow and when they arrived for work they had to play a set playlist laid out for them and not what they wanted to play,therefore they could easily end up playing tracks they don't like...all of a sudden the idea of being a DJ was less likely something i would want to do.

But then the digital radio revolution began and more and more companies began competing and my dad made me aware of it by seeing an article in The Times newspaper and if memory serves the tag line was 'So you want run your own radio station?',the article said this could be done via Shoutcast or these days there are numerous companies which offer exactly the same thing but 10 years ago only 2 were and when i looked into it at the time,Live365 albeit and American based company which you had to pay to have your radio station out there...they took care of the royalties and over time my station grew in popularity and even became one of the Top 100 stations out of thousands on the Network.Indeed the station did slip out the Top 100 this was because professionally run stations began adding themselves to the network because as it is the Worlds Largest Internet Radio Network.

So it had alot of Pros...but the Cons were evident and stung me heavily....and over 9 years with the Network despite having great listener stats i was down by £9,000....which i couldn't continue to pay for or afford,after all i am not a big company and financially i was not recouping anything at all.

So i began looking for other servers to showcase my radio station and for 6 months i tried which i felt was a cheaper version of Live365 which didn't maximise the potential of the station.

When i was looking for other servers i looked at Radionomy briefly and after i felt wasn't suitable i returned to Live365 for a short time while i was looking at the fine print of Radionomy.....

So after 10 years of broadcasting this is where Trance Euphoria International Radio will be for it's 10th Anniversary in 10 days time and what a rollercoaster of a 10 years it has been and this could easily come to an abrupt end january 2016 if the station doesn't meet the required Total Listening Hours of 130 Per Day....right now my feeling on this is frustration because Radionomy is not a robust platform and are having multiple technical issues very frequently which is making it almost impossible for my daily average TLH to increase to where i am comfortable.It is very clear that because it is FREE to Broadcast and Listen you have to meet these requirements but Radionomy themselves are not fulfilling their end of the deal by crashing repeatedly therefore losing listeners which i need to ensure a good daily average.

Interestingly i think it's sad that the platform for broadcasting your station isn't as robust as Live365 because if it was it would be far more flexible and have far more opportunities than Live365....during my time at Live365 i learn't that you couldn't take the stream and play it elsewhere apart from iTunes.

Radionomy when working properly allows your radio station to broadcast through multiple media...but i still need your support to get the stations listening figures daily over the the moment it is bouncing around #50 hours a day....and by January 2016 i have to have 130 hours a day otherwise Radionomy will undo all my hard work getting the trance and mixes to you and delete it all without even warning me...despite the fact i may not have reached the required hours because of their own technical difficulties.

Between now and then i will upload as many 'Vault Of Trance' Mixes and brand new mixes and brand new trance for you guys.....

Lets ensure the rollercoaster of euphoric trance continues.....

Many Thanks to everyone

Much Love


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