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Save Trance Euphoria International Radio!

Ok guys sorry for the delay in getting this Blog out to you,but better late than never.As the title of the Blog's the best of topics....however it is something i've spoken about in previous Blogs throughout this year and one which i've always been very mindful of.Live365 classes itself as The Worlds Largest Internet Radio why didn't i stay after 9 years....because the popularity of the station grew to where it was in the Top 100 and therefore the package i paid for grew to get the station to the quality i wanted it....and in 9 yrs i gave Live365 over £9,000...thats $13,385 at the current exchange rate...over 9 yrs.I didn't want to let the station go and looked at Radionomy as it was based in Belgium and appeared to offer more flexibility as to where the station could be broadcast...and most importantly it was free to listen or broadcast...but then i 'read the fine print'...of course there was a catch...Firstly your station had to attain a certain amount of Total Listening Hours to keep broadcasting....the first few hurdles the station manged to get over...however 130 Total Listening Hours in a day has proved extremely difficult despite my station being listed in numerous areas including the Windows Media Guide...and although i tried to list in iTunes Radio...they refused on the grounds that your station must be getting at least....yeah you guessed it...130 Total Listening Hours a here i am nearly 9 months later and January 2016 is nearly here and the station is still short of the required hours!I've posted on all the main Social Networking Sites...but feel like its still going to fall short and if it does Radionomy will unceremoniously delete the station and all the amazing audio within without a second glance,despite the fact the server itself isn't as robust as it should be and Radionomy has had numerous technical problems in this 9 months that has resulted in a station producers worst nightmare....dead air or one song repeating over and over....Please help save my station and listen as often as you can!

A Very Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year To You All!xxx

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