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New Mix Release To Beatport & Much More

A very busy week for the well as the station being on the Tunein Network further improvements are being made so you can maximize the enjoyment of listening to the station there...i have expanded the listening experience but it is worth remembering as well as the Radionomy Flash Player the station is available via iTunes,Winamp and Windows Media Player and i am currently in the process of getting the radio station added to the official Windows Media Guide....the station has been added to the Reciva Network and has already been added to Radio?Sure! Directory...The station is also available on Sonos & Roku and a multitude of Mobile and tablet devices...iPad,iPhone & all Android devices...with more to come...the idea is to expand the station and allow more and more people a wider access to the radio station.I have begun putting my mixes into the station Earth Energy Part One & Two...the intention now is to put a wide variety of 'Vault Of Trance' Archive mixes,Specialist mixes,L.C.T Mixes,Legends Of Trance Mixes and of course the Live Mixes on the schedule amongst the main playlist rotation....earlier this week i spent alot of time ensuring the accurate album/track artwork was on each and every track...i believe i've done it but i'll double check as i've successfully done it for over 500 individual tracks....Brand New Tracks will be added to the schedule very soon....My Brand New Live Mix 'Whatever's Happened To 135?! Volume Two is now in My Beatport Mixes Digital Download Shop for only £ on the link at the bottom of the Home Page....Finally today i've got some news regarding the station on the Radionomy Network....It's important to note their rules and regs re. station inclusion entitlement....Yes it is FREE to listen.YES it is FREE to Broadcast and unlike Live365 my previous server there are alot more opportunities...whereas Live365 was restrictive you were guaranteed listeners....whereas with Radionomy you have to work harder to get those listeners to begin whats the catch...your radio station has to get a minimum of 12 hours a day within the first 3 months of broadcasting and if it fails to do so...your station and all uploaded audio gets deleted that your station passes that barrier it has a further 6 months to reach 130 total listeners a day and once again after a total of 9 months if your station fails to reach 130 hours a day your station and all it's audio gets dumped via altogether your station goes from 'Basic' to 'Advanced' and finally to 'Premium' and if it reaches the status of being a 'Premium' station Radionomy continues to Pay all Royalties & Associated there is a catch after could put in alot of hard work and Radionomy could just dump your station if it doesn't hit a daily where am is the end of my 6th Week of official broadcasting on the Radionomy Network and today i reached their minimum target of 12 hours a day,half way into their 'Basic' Listeners of Trance Euphoria International Radio as i celebrate my 10th Anniversary here Summer 2015....D-Day for me is January 2016....if YOU want this station to continue....tell your friends and keep listening!

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