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Atlantis At The Movies
March 2021
Top 40 Chart


New Entry 40. John Williams-Prologue-JFK Original Motion Picture Score
30 Down 9-39. Vangelis-Blade Runner-Main Titles ft Harrison Ford
39 Up 1-38. The Weeknd-Earned It-Fifty Shades Of Grey Original Soundtrack
New Entry 37.  Claude Debussy-Clair De Lune-Ocean's 11 Original Soundtrack
23 Down 13-36. John Williams-Where Dreams Are Born-A.I: Artificial Intelligence Original Motion Picture Score
24 Down 11-35. Stewart Copeland-The Equalizer-Main TV Theme
31 Down 3-34. James Newton Howard-Carrying Audrey-Unbreakable Original Soundtrack
29 Down 4-33. James Horner-Main Theme-Field Of Dreams Original Soundtrack
22 Down 10-32. John Powell-Escape The Embassy-The Bourne Identity Original Soundtrack Score
New Entry-31. Team Sleep-The Passportal-The Matrix Reloaded Original Soundtrack
18 Down 12-30. Tomandandy-Half Light-The Mothman Prophecies Original Soundtrack
New Entry-29. Vince DiCola- Training Montage-Rocky IV Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
20 Down 8-28. Sheryl Crow-Safe & Sound-K-Pax Original Movie Soundtrack
34 Up 7-27. M83 ft Susanne Sundfor-Oblivion-End Title(Extended Mix)-Original Movie Soundtrack
28 Up 2-26. LeAnn Rimes-Can't Fight The Moonlight-Coyote Ugly Movie Soundtrack
Non-Mover-25. James Newton Howard-Mr Glass/End Title-Unbreakable Original Movie Soundtrack
16 Down 8-24. Howard Shore-Goodbye & End Title-Big Original Motion Picture Score
17 Down 6-23. John Williams-Three Million Light Years From Home-E.T: The Extra-Terrestrial  Original Motion Picture Score
21 Down 1-22. Alan Silvestri-Valiant & Valiant-Who Framed Roger Rabbit? Original Motion Picture Score
13 Down 8-21. Michael Kamen/Orbital-Weir/Event Horizon-The Event Horizon Original Motion Picture Score
New Entry-20. Nelly.P.Diddy, Murphy Lee-Shake Ya Tailfeather-Bad Boys 2 The Original Soundtrack
15 Down 4-19. Alan Silvestri-The Overture-Back To The Future Original Soundtrack
19 Up 1-18. John Williams-Resolution & End Title-Close Encounters Of The Third Kind
New Entry-17. John Powell-The Moon & The Superhero-Hancock Original Motion Picture Score
10 Down 6-16, Rachel Portman-Main Theme-The Lake House Original Motion Picture Score
27 Up 12-15. Michael Jackson-Thriller-Original Soundtrack
9 Down 5-14. Simon Boswell-Jack & Sarah Montage ft Richard E Grant, Samantha Mathis, Sir Ian McKellen & Dame Judi Dench
11 Down 2-13. Carol Burnett-Little Girls-Annie Original Movie Soundtrack
38 Up 26-12. Go West-King Of Wishful Thinking-Pretty Woman Soundtrack
14 Up 3-11. Harry Gregson Williams-Main Theme-The Equalizer Original Motion Picture Score
7 Down 3-10. Rachel Portman-Il Mare-The Lake House Original Motion Picture Score
12 Up 3-9. Night Ranger-The Secret Of My Succes-Original Movie Soundtrack
5 Down 3-8. Phil Harris, Bruce Reitherman-The Bear Necessities-Disney's The Jungle Book-Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
26 Up 19-7. Art Garfunkel-Bright Eyes-Watership Down Original Movie Soundtrack
8 Up 2-6. Michael Kamen, Eric Clapton, David Sanborn-Riggs & Roger-Lethal Weapon Original Motion Picture Score
6 Down 1-5. Mark Isham-Into Each Others Eyes-Nell Original Motion Picture Score
3 Down 1-4. Tim Curry, Carol Burnett, Bernadette Peters-Easy Street-Annie Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
4 Down 1-3. Bruce Springsteen-The Secret Garden ft Tom Cruise, Renee Zellweger & Cuba Gooding Jr Original Movie Soundtrack
Non-Mover-2. Al Jarreau-Never Explain Love-Do The Right Thing Original Movie Soundtrack
Non-Mover-1. Tom Jones-You Can Leave Your Hat On-The Full Monty Original Soundtrack
***Please Note This Chart Has Been  Compiled Through My YouTube Channel ISS Discovery Radio Top Chart & The Analytics therein.
All tracks featured are all played on general rotation on my radio station ISS Discovery International Radio which airs through the Internet Radio Network 24 hours a day 7 days a week.***
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