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 Continues to go into 2020! This now includes my newest radio station on Live365 the Worlds Largest Internet Radio Network which plays Trance Music, Movie Music and the best from the mainstream from the past 60 years. Plus for everything controversial I present The 9/11 Blacklist on YouTube channel Discovery Studios & Especially for the children my 2nd TV Channel on YouTube 'Fun2Read4Kids'...For children and parents, alike let your imagination run free! & don't forget to show the channel some love and Like & Subscribe! My 3rd YouTube channel ISS Discovery Top Chart takes 3 playlists Trance/Mainstream & Movies and with each playlist simply asks the viewers/listeners to watch and listen and vote. This then provides me with a chart I currently review every 3 months. This channel I began on 22nd November 2018. I have deliberately not hyped it up or bought much attention to it. However, with each playlist running over 40 tracks in each and growing and with recent stats, this is a very good time to draw attention to it. as recent views have gone up 81% resulting in Real-Time Views over 2 days of 970!

I will be therefore updating my website accordingly and providing a specific page with videos and additional stats and news specifically for this channel.Keep watching!Keep Listening!Keep Voting!

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Leigh Apted

Hi everyone well for the time being anyway it appears the Live Stream will continue on YouTube...unfortunately i have been informed that buffering is common if attempting to stream on Twitch through the Pc...keep an eye on the main page for developments...My episodes I'm still migrating to Vimeo so please check them out there!

***BRAND NEW via Vimeo***
Operation Mockingbird:And Why You Cannot Trust The Mainstream Media
The latest episode from Chasing Shadows is now available!
Please Note The Above video can also be seen on my YouTube page...however i am expecting YouTube to remove it...hence the Vimeo Premier in Full High Definition.
Ladies and Gents i have made the executive decision to transition
to move all my videos to Vimeo...i currently have uploaded 51 videos!. This has come after a long and seemingly never-ending battle with YouTube.Their continual suppression of the truth to the point they'll not recommend my videos and say they are harmful to the public is disgraceful. After my hard work, they'll take my videos down without notification as well. Anything i post with regards 9/11 is seen as a red flag and it is pointless to pursue YouTube any further.I will be transitioning all my material to Vimeo and possibly other platforms and then I'll be closing the channel on YouTube.




Leigh Apted