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& A New Year 2021!            

Hi everyone i hope everyone is well across the world in these crazy uncertain times we live in.If anything i do here on Discovery Studios gives you a break from thinking about the mad world in which we live i'm really glad.Much Love to everyone who visits my official website...this my 'world' and it inhabits all my ventures.

Click and listen 'live' anytime 24 hours 7 days a week to my international radio station.The current schedule is on the next page.I've added some personal jingles and promos and revamped the entire schedule-live broadcasts are returning...i'll let you know soon.It's my 16th Anniversary in 2021 and i'm proud to have amalgamated my 3 separate radio stations into one mega station...it is The Future Sound Of Radio.

Fun2Read4Kids hasn't gone anywhere...Ellie and I have already been making plans for 2021.

The 9/11 Blacklist via YouTube is slowly becoming a redundant platform as censorship reduced freedom of speech to a pointless task posting anything there.

BUT....do not think that is the end for The 9/11 Blacklist...i have news which is nothing short of mind-blowing...this i will bringing to you next week...can't wait!

Sunday 17th January 2021

ISS Discovery



Leigh Apted
***BRAND NEW via Vimeo***
I have now uploaded 72 videos to the channel.I am uploading them as fast as i can...Remember this is NOT like YouTube on this channel you get to see a lot of unseen uploads that YouTube banned or just deleted.!
Please Note The Above video can also be seen on my YouTube page...however i am expecting YouTube to remove it...hence the Vimeo Premier in Full High Definition.
Ladies and Gents i have made the executive decision to transition
to move all my videos to Vimeo...i currently have uploaded 70 videos!. This has come after a long and seemingly never-ending battle with YouTube.Their continual suppression of the truth to the point they'll not recommend my videos and say they are harmful to the public is disgraceful. After my hard work, they'll take my videos down without notification as well. Anything i post with regards 9/11 is seen as a red flag and it is pointless to pursue YouTube any further.I will be transitioning all my material to Vimeo and possibly other platforms and then I'll be closing the channel on YouTube.
I have created a separate video collection 'The Censored Collection' as all the videos were banned or deleted from my channel without my knowledge.In 2021 i will continue to upload my full-length videos from YouTube to Vimeo.




Leigh Apted



The 9/11 Blacklist

Incredible News Coming Next Week!