As I've posted on the main homepage YouTube was fined $170 Million by the FTC for not adhering to the children's protection policy. Because of this major changes have occurred which has meant sweeping changes across the entire platform affecting millions of channels and billions of people.YouTube has made changes which could have an adverse effect on this channel just it's starting to gather momentum. Today was another landmark goal with 6000 views to the channel since inception in April.YouTube will be making the changes very soon and most changes will be completed by January 2020. I will keep you informed of everything that is happening and if anything is going to happen to the channel.




Hiya Boys & Girls and Mums & Dads and welcome to my official website and page which will house all our videos. This is Fun2Read4Kids a fantastic brand new YouTube channel dedicated to the imagination of children for children and grown-ups who never want to grow old. Children's books are a wonderment of imagination filled with magical mysteries and lands to explore with incredible characters. Ellie and I have only just begun with the stories but I'm sure we'll be posting as often as we can. For mums and dads, this is a great and fun way to teach your child to read and get their face away from the tv or video game or iPad and let their own imagination be in charge.

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